​Where are we : 

Beacon is based in Mumbai, India and we have no branches anywhere else in the world. On the other hand the same cannot be said of our products - Beacon products are found almost everywhere - in the depths of the sea on board submarines; in the high seas on the engines, pumps and propeller shafts of Naval and Merchant Ships; in hazardous environments on pumps, turbines and electronic governors in Petrochemical Refineries & Fertilizer Plants; on super-critical turbines and coal feeders in Power Plants; on engines of Locomotives; on rotating drums of Industrial Overhead Cranes in Steel Plants; on centrifuges located in waste management plants across various industries; on Fibrizers & Steam Turbines in Sugar Mills, and many more places! Need to request a quote or ask a query, then contact us here!.

Vision :

To create the best products and solutions in the field of industrial speed measurement for customers - globally.

Mission : 

To create and innovate products and solutions in the field of industrial speed measurement which deliver superior performance, higher accuracy, rock-solid reliability and enduring durability without compromising on quality, simplicity and profitability. 

Who are we : 

We are pioneers in the niche field of manufacturing Industrial Speed Measuring products and solutions, having manufactured the first tachometer and tachogenerator in India in 1961. Today we are the largest manufacturer of Industrial Speed Measuring Instruments & Sensors in India! With more than 50+ years of experience we offer a vast portfolio of highly customized as well as standard products and solutions catering to more than 1500 clients in various industries - including but not limited to Chemicals, Cranes, Defence, Fertilizers, Glass, Iron & Steel, Locomotives, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power, Pump OEMs, Shipping, Sugar, Textiles, Turbine OEMs, etc. Click here for a snapshot of Beacon's clients.

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